Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Well, it's time. We've been in the business of making and providing ingredients for soap, candles, skin, and hair care products for our fellow soap makers, crafters, and colleagues for close to 20 years. We've gained so much knowledge and experience, we're nearly overflowing.

So that's what we're going to do! We're spilling over all of our expertise into our website, giving you lots of recipes and resources for you to make your own soap, candles, skin care products, make-up, home cleaners, and loads more. And we're going to use this blog as an additional overflow tank!

We'll be giving you all kinds of great recipes and project ideas for you to try out at home, featuring unique ingredients and telling you about all the ways you can use them, and sharing some of the things that inspire us around here!

It's all about supporting each other, learning new things, and making your own beauty - with products that we feel good about using.

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