Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

The next few months are those of crisp, sunny days with gentle winds occasionally peppered with the mild rainstorms we are accustomed to here on the west coast. During those rainy, indoor days what better to do with your time than make some natural cleaning products and tackle those winter cobwebs and dust bunnies! We have formulated a few great recipes for cleaning your home naturally without toxic chemicals. Here are a few recipes we'd like to share:

Natural All-Purpose Citrus Spray Cleaner

3 tbsp D-Limonene
3 tbsp Polysorbate 20
1.5 Cups plus 2 Tbsp Water - Warm
3 tbsp White Vinegar
3 tbsp Liquid Castile Soap
2 tsp Borax Powder
¼ tsp Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract
10 drops Essential Oils of choice

Directions: In a large measuring cup, mix together the d-Limonene and Polysorbate 20. Slowly add all the other ingredients with gently agitation, making sure the borax is fully dissolved. Then pour into 2 x 8 oz spray bottles (try our Aluminum Bottles) and spray onto appliances, counter tops, and any other dirty surface! This recipe is super simple to make and works great!

Environmental Deodorizing Room Spray

Instead of spending money on brand-name air fresheners and odour eliminators, you can make your own at a fraction of the cost! This recipe uses 0.5% natural Tinosan to not only preserve your spray, but to help kill the bacteria in the air causing bad odors. Use as a bathroom or household air freshener, and an anti-bacterial spray for smelly shoes, pet bedding, sports gear, garbage cans, or musty closets.


Part A
71.5%   Purified Water            343 grams
25.0%   Denatured Alcohol     120 grams
0.5%   Tinosan                      3 grams

Part B
2.0% Polysorbate 20                   10 grams
1.0% Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil   5 grams

Directions: Measure out Part A into a measuring cup and stir to mix. In a separate container mix together Part B and stir fully to combine. Add Part A to Part B, stirring gently, then package into glass or aluminum bottles with misters. This recipe makes 4 x 4 oz bottles of room spray.

Natural Veggie Wash

This recipe is one of my favourites because I eat a ton of vegetables and I really don't enjoy finding critters in my lettuce or that waxy coating on my apples. Our natural fruit and veggie wash recipe helps remove the water-resistant wax on your fruits and vegetables, as well as any surface pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, and dirt that may be remaining. Simply spray the natural cleaner on your produce, rub, and rinse with fresh water.

The citric acid solution used in the recipe lowers the pH and helps to break down wax and other surface contaminants. To make the citric acid solution, simply add 2 tbsp citric acid to ¼ cup warm water and dissolve. (Use our pH test strips to test the pH of any product you are making to ensure the highest quality and recipe accuracy.)

Directions: In a large measuring cup mix together 800 ml Purified Water with 200 ml Amphosol Surfactant. Then add your citric acid solution drops at a time until the pH is lowered to 3.5 or 4. Add 1/8 tsp Potassium Sorbate natural food preservative and stir until dissolved, then pour into 2 x 500 ml Cleaner bottles with trigger misters.

For more Natural Household Cleaning Recipes like these ones, take a look here!


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