Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shimmering Body Parfait

Many of our customers might not be familiar with our Body Gel Base but its benefits are numerous. It makes the perfect crystal clear base for body glitter, absorbing easily into the skin and only leaving behind razzle-dazzle sparkle and no residue, also containing Aloe Vera Extract, Glycerin, and Silk Amino Acids to nourish and moisturize the skin.  Get creative, try adding 2%-5% Multifruit Extract to the gel and use it as a specialty serum around the eyes and on the face!  Multifruit contains a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and acts as a gentle exfoliate, sloughing off dead skin cells without abrading delicate facial tissues while cooling and refreshing the skin.  You can even add in our Muscle and Joint Essential Oil blend to create a soothing Muscle Relief Gel!  To showcase the possibilities of the Body Gel Base we have come up with a visually stunning recipe for a body parfait below.

This recipe for a do-it-yourself Shimmering Body Parfait is really easy to make and can be presented beautifully in our clear plastic jars, as well as being easily customizable to create a unique parfait every time.  What's even better is that the cream layer provides moisture to the skin while the gel layer delivers nutrients and vitamins, all while shimmering and glittering!  Here is a guide to making one 4 oz jar:

Part A - Cream Layer

Weigh out 80 grams of our Cream Starter Base, or about a third of a cup, and place into a small bowl for mixing.  Slowly add the following one by one:

1. One teaspoon, or 5 grams, of your favourite carrier oil such as Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Sunflower, or Apricot Kernel.

2. Half a teaspoon, 3 grams, of a specialty oil like Evening Primrose, Squalane, or Calendula.

3. Half a teaspoon, 3 grams, of Aloe Vera Extract.

4. A quarter teaspoon, or 2 grams, of both Vitamin E D-Alpha Tocopherol and your choice of protein: Panthenol, Silk Amino Acids, Phytokeratin, or Cromoist Oat Protein.

5. A quarter teaspoon, or 2 grams, of preservative such as Optiphen, Germall, or Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract.

6. Optional - your favourite Fragrance or Essential Oil drops at a time until desired scent level is reached.

Part B - Gel Layer

Weigh out 80 grams (or a third of a cup) of Body Gel Base.  To this stir in half a teaspoon of your choice of Polyester Glitter

The rest is easy, simply spoon about half of the cream onto the bottom of your jar, leveling it out with your spoon.  Then add half of the body glitter gel, then the rest of your cream, then the rest of your gel.  The finished product will go on smoothly and penetrate the skin quickly for a super soft skin feel. 


Here are some unique variations to the recipe to help you feel inspired:  If you're feeling lazy or short on time and can't make the cream using all the ingredients, try substituting the cream starter base for our already finished Shea Butter Body Cream.  If you desire a more subtle product then leave the glitter out of the body gel but add a quarter teaspoon of mica to the cream layers and you'll be left with a very delicate shimmer (my favourite was the Pearly White Mica - very angelic!).  Happy experimenting!

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