Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is not only a time to receive tokens of appreciation but to also celebrate the strong women before us.  This Mother's Day show your love with something handmade and from the heart.

We came up with a little gift basket of bath and body products that's perfect for any mom.  First we did a Shea and Cocoa Butter Body Balm that's super rich and moisturizing.  Here is the recipe to make 300 grams:

Part A
84 grams Shea Butter
81 grams Beeswax
78 grams Cocoa Butter

Part B
18 grams Sunflower Oil
9 grams Castor Oil
6 grams Jojoba Oil

20-40 drops essential oil of your choice (we used Peppermint to encourage good circulation)

1. Heat Part A in either a double boiler or in the microwave.  Stir well to blend everything together.

2. When the solids have fully melted add Part B, stirring frequently.  Ensure your oils are at room temperature, otherwise the product will cool too quickly.

3. When all components are blended and the mixture is starting to cool, add your essential oil if desired and pour into oval stick containers, jumbo lip tubes, or 6 oz seamless tins.

Next we made a fabulous Shea and Aloe Sugar Scrub.  The final product is so luxurious and visually appealing, it has fast become a favourite among the Voyageur staff.  Here is what you'll need to make 320 grams:

Part A
80 grams Shea Butter
54 grams Aloe Butter
45 grams Avocado Oil
13 grams Macadamia Oil
13 grams Jojoba Oil

Part B
112 grams white refined sugar or Plantation Sugar

20-40 drops essential oil of your choice (we used Lavender - a classic!)

1. Heat Part A in a double boiler or microwave until all solids have melted.  Stir thoroughly.
2. Allow product to cool quite a bit until it starts to thicken.  This could take up to a couple hours, you can place the container in the fridge to rapid cool if desired. 

3. Add Vitamin E, sugar, and essential oils if desired.
4. Stir occasionally until a buttery, thick consistency is achieved.  This takes some time, we even left it overnight to completely solidify.  Don't get discouraged, the wait is worth it!

5. Package into cosmetic jars, like the two ounce clear shallow jars in the photo above.

This scrub is so lovely, every mom deserves to have radiant, heavenly soft skin!  The other items we place in the gift basket were a bottle of bath salts (half Epsom, half Fine Sea) coloured with Voyageur's Cotton Candy mica, and a milk bath made with 2 parts Milk Powder, 1 Epsom salts and a tablespoon of grated Cocoa Butter.  We packaged both these items into Voyageur's 4oz Clear Bullet bottles with aluminum caps and they look super sharp!  

And there you have it!  Some creative ideas to show your momma that you love her.

All the best,

Tawnee and the Voyageur Team

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