Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Unique Soap Mold Candle Idea

Check out this awesome candle creation by our very own Nicole Sherwood!

Inspired by the funky “Retro Flowers” Mold Market mold and her love of candles, Nicole thought up this cool idea- proving that soap molds do not have to be limited to being just that.

Nicole used  EcoSoya PB-Advanced (Pillar Blend) for these candles to ensure that they would pull away from the mold when cooling, ensuring easy removal. 

Once she had melted her wax, she separated it into three containers to which she added the individual colours to. She chose to use Candle Dye Blocks: #12 Lime, #8 Sunflower and #2 Pink. Nicole proceeded to fill the molds much as anyone would create detailed Melt and Pour Soap. She used pipettes to fill in the surface design cavities with her desired colours, and then let the wax cool for a little while to prevent bleeding when adding the second layer. She proceeded to fill the mold cavity with the colours she chose for the base and let the candles harden overnight. 

Of course, the challenge presented when making candles in soap molds is wicking! Once the candles were fully hardened, Nicole had her handyman boyfriend drill holes in the center of the candles with a 3 mm drill bit. She also believes that if you don’t have the means to be drilling holes, you could simply heat a metal skewer in boiling water and push it through the candle. Nicole used our HTP 62 x 1.25” wicks- but you could use any HTP wick depending on the size of the mold you are using. 

While she was sad to see her beautiful candles melt, Nicole has reported that they burned beautifully.

We encourage you to try it yourself! We carry so many fun soap molds which would make great summer themed candles. A few molds to consider are the Flip Flop Sandals, Hibiscus Flower, Sunflower, or Smores.

If you make a soap mold candle, feel free to share a picture! We would love to see your creativity in action.


  1. What a fantastic idea! So creative and gorgeous, I see why she wouldn't want to burn them!

    Thank you for sharing...

  2. You're so welcome. Even though Nicole was very modest about her candles, we thought they were too fantastic to not share online!


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