Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lotus Blossom Melt & Pour Swirl

Although it's still February all of us here at Voyageur feel that spring is in the air!  We can't wait for longer days, crisp sunshine, and cherry blossoms, and when we brought in our new Lotus Blossom guest sized soap mold we couldn't resist making these shimmery spring-inspired soaps!  Here is what you'll need to make 5 soaps:

Various micas (we used Sparkle Gold, Romantic Rose, Spring Meadow, and Blue Pearl)

To start, melt your soap base in the microwave or double boiler.  We separated the clear soap into 4 batches for 4 different colours.  Once the soap base is melted, add the mica and stir well.  

Add about a teaspoon of fragrance to your soap, dividing it between the batches.

When the soap has cooled until all the batches are right around 130-135 degrees, you can start to pour one colour of soap into the cavity of the mold.  If you don't have a thermometer  the soap should feel warm to the touch but not too hot to keep your hand on the bottom of the measuring cup.  

We tried many different techniques to pour, most of them starting with the white soap first.  We found that the white melt and pour soap is slightly more buoyant than the clear, so it has a tendency to float to the top.  

One swirling method is to pour the colours directly on top of one another.

Another method is to swirl the soap in the mold as you pour.

Have fun with it and try different techniques!  It's the uniqueness that makes each soap special.  Wait 12-24 hours after pouring to unmold, then enjoy!

All the best,

The Voyageur Team

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