Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Nail Polish & Eyeliner

This St. Patty's Day don't be left out!  Make yourself some shimmery green nail polish and beautiful eyeliner to wear as you enjoy a green beer (or two)!  Our Slammin' Shamrock nail polish is super easy to make and turns out beautiful once applied.  Here's what you need for one bottle:

4 x 0.15 cc scoops of Shamrock Shimmer Mica
1 x 0.15 cc scoop of Spring Meadow Mica

Simply measure out your nail polish into one of our measuring cups.  Add the mica and stir well to incorporate. 

Drop the mixing balls into the bottle, then pour the nail polish into the bottle by squeezing the edges of the cup together to form a spout.  

For a fun touch, try "gold dipping" your fingernails in gold mica or glitter after applying the polish while it's still wet and apply a layer of clear top coat.  Here's what it looks like with our sparkle gold mica:


To match those festive nails we created a brand new formula for a gel eyeliner.  Here is what you need to make 50 grams:

5 grams Stearic Acid
3 grams Beeswax
10 grams Dimethicone
27 grams Castorlatum

Measure out all the ingredients except the clay into a heat safe measuring cup, then melt them in the microwave or double boiler.  

Add the white clay to the mixture.  At first it will look like this:

But continue mixing it and eventually it will look smooth and consistent like this:

Pour the mixture into the containers of your choice, we used the 10 ml Black Jar with clear cap.

Add the mica/colourant blend of your choice.  

For the eyeliner above we used 5 x 0.15 cc scoops of Shamrock Shimmer Mica and 2 x 0.15 Spring Meadow Mica.  Continue stirring until no lumps remain.  This could take a little bit, but ensure there are no speckles for an even colour.

For the eyeliner on the right we used 4 x 0.15 cc scoops each of Chromium Hydroxide and Spring Meadow Mica for more of a teal green.  They both turned out equally pretty! 

These eyeliners are designed to be more of a firm cream consistency, and because they are more natural than commercial cosmetics they don't dry out like you would find from drugstore brands.  If using as an eyeliner simply apply with an angled brush, but they can also double as a cream eye shadow!  We tested the two eyeliners on our lovely packager Nicole:

Simply stunning!  

So this St. Patrick's Day green it up with these fabulous, festive cosmetic ideas!

All the best,

The Voyageur Team

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  1. Love love love the nail polish! I'm on a nail polish making binge, and I had to have this green! I'm going to try the eye liner next weekend!


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