Monday, October 7, 2013

Spotlight on Pumpkin Seed Oil

With fall now in full swing it seems that everybody is going nuts over pumpkin!  Lattes, scones, pies; pumpkin is everywhere so we decided to feature our wonderful Pumpkin Seed Oil in a product spotlight this week.


What is pumpkin seed oil?  
  • Pumpkin seed oil is cold pressed from the meat of pumpkin seeds.  Our pumpkin seed oil has been refined and has a slightly nutty scent.  It is golden in colour and penetrates the skin at a moderate speed.  It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and can be used in hair care, lip balms, serums, salves, even soap!

What is the benefit of using pumpkin seed oil?
  • It has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids.  This can help to ease inflammation and soothe irritated skin.  It also is very high in linoleic acid which encourages the repair of broken skin and reduces transepidermal water loss. 
  • It boosts lipid production. When the lipid layer is stripped skin is more susceptible to moisture loss and damage.  With a healthy lipid layer comes stronger barrier function, more moisture retention, and softer, more supple skin.
  • It can contain a high percentage of tocopherols, which lends anti-oxidant and skin softening properties.
  • It is naturally high in Vitamin A which helps to eliminate free radicals, perfect for facial care products.
This medium-textured oil is similar in feel to rice bran or sesame oil, try substituting pumpkin oil in your next recipe!

Pumpkin Cold Process Soap Formula:

In the past we've done a delicious pumpkin spice soap for fall, now is your chance to make your own!  Here is the formula for a 4 lb batch:

Vegetable Canola Shortening           540 grams

Coconut Oil 76                               540 grams

Pumpkin Seed Oil                           240 grams

Almond Oil Sweet                            44 grams

Water                                              500 grams

Sodium Hydroxide                           200 grams

Follow the basic soap making instruction on our website here with a soapmaking temperature of 120°.

You know what would be the perfect scent for this soap?  Something sassy with a velvety base of pumpkin and notes of cinnamon and cardamom.  Keep your eye out for the launch of our Pumpkin Spice fragrance later this week!

We would like all our customers to be able to try Pumpkin Seed oil in one of their formulas, so for the month of October we are offering a special free giveaway when you mention Pumpkin Seed oil in the comments section of your order.  It can be for pickup or for shipping, just be sure to say "pumpkin seed giveaway" in the comments and we'll include a free 30 ml bottle at no charge!

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